make money from Influencer Marketing at Scale

Match instantly to 100s of Influencers and Creators efficiently. Scale across thousands of fans with just 5 clicks—no more hassle finding influencers and monitoring their posts. Get measurable results from launching your campaign on Shown Live.


Creators of all sizes, big and small, will promote your brand directly to their audience. Creators will instantly pick up your sponsorship once you have loaded the offer into the platform. From there, your brand gets exposure across 1000s of Influencers' fans.

Redefine your advertising into gifted experiences

The rising cost of paid advertising is eating into your ROI. By redefining your ads into Gifts that are shared with Fans, you can improve your Return on Ad Spend through creating authentic experiences.

Only pay for who collects

40% of all advertising is lost to ad waste. Avoid ad waste by paying Creators $0.50 for each unique gift collection. No one can collect the same gift twice. Grow your CRM for this low cost!

"The industry needs an innovative way to help smaller creators get paid, while letting Marketer’s scale across these niche, but highly engaged audiences."



4 easy steps to Make Money on Shown Live

1/Marketers Launch Gift Campaign

Enter Gift details, select the content categories the Gift can show on, and set your unique cost per collection rate to pay out Creators.

2/Creators Match to Sponsored Gifts

Load in their Show's Details to see a list of matching Sponsored Gifts. They select the top Gifts they think their fans will love!

3/Creators Share the Gifts with their Fans

Once the Gifts are selected, Creators will receive a unique collection link to share with their Fans in their show, stream, or podcast.  

4/Fans Redeem Gifts on Marketer Websites

Measure your new audience growth through campaign parameters and custom Shown Live insight dashboards!


Join this revolutionary new way to reach new audiences authentically while helping Creators to finally monetize their content even early on in their careers.  

😃 What type of Creators are on the platform?

We partner with Creators and Influencers with large and small audiences. We like to work with Niche Creators with highly engaging content. We believe Creators with engaging, niche content are underutilized by Marketers. This allows Marketers to reach untapped audiences! We do not partner with any Creators who feature violence, sex, or strong political viewpoints.

😃 What marketing results can I expect to achieve? 

Every $1.00 you spend will bring 1 new person into your ecosystem. If you spend $500, that will bring 500 new people into your CRM. Shown Live charges a 20% matching fee above what is paid out to Creators.

😃 What types of Gifts can I offer? 

Gifts can be any of the following: VIP Access to In-Person or Digital Events, Digital Merch, Physical Merch, Discounts, Digital Artwork, or Gift Cards. If you'd like to request a new type of Gift, please email [email protected].

😃 How do I work directly with a Creator? 

If you find a Creator you like on the platform, you can navigate to their profile page through the Dashboards, find their social media links and DM them on there. We encourage you to find Creators to sponsor directly for free in this way.

😃 Why should I use this platform now? 

Early adopters of new growth hacking tech always gain the most efficiencies. Don't wait too long to launch your gift, there may be more competition on the platform.

Ready to join the revolution?